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Mandatory learning made engaging

Sana for compliance training

Compliance is more than risk management. Sana helps you turn your annual compliance programs into actual behavior change.

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Create delightful courses in minutes

Sana brings your compliance training to life. Drop in a quiz, pull in a poll—the editor is bursting with interactive features. You can convert existing material in a few taps, or grab a template from the virtual shelf. Sana will even suggest quiz questions for you based on what you write. Invite whoever you need to edit, review, and comment. Then publish with confidence.

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Rules they will actually retain

Break out of the box-ticking routines. Sana makes compliance training more effective by adapting every course to each person’s knowledge gaps. Struggling with a topic? Sana will help you revisit it. Get a question wrong and Sana will test you with an alternative. Whether you’re studying anti-corruption or anti-discrimination, the only path forward is genuine understanding.

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Add a touch of magic to mandatory training

Compliance is more than a course in Sana. Cement the basics with a personalized experience, then dig deeper in a live group session. Whatever learning mode you choose, the experience in Sana is always interactive, engaging, and inspiring. Who said regulatory compliance has to mean rigid?

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Every compliance question answered

Effective compliance programs live beyond courses. Thanks to Sana’s AI-powered search, your employees can get the answers they need to any regulatory question. Maybe they’re confused about information security, or need to check up the code of conduct. Whatever the query, all they need to do is ask.

Let regulatory paths self-regulate

Reducing risk is even more rewarding when you save time along the way. Take advantage of Sana’s smart automation features and cut the admin. With our HR system integrations, you can automatically enrol new hires into mandatory programs. Then keep them on schedule with timely Slack notifications and email reminders. There’s even automatic translation to convert courses into multiple languages.

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Better measurement equals better management

Sana’s analytics give you confidence in your compliance management. Track completion rates at a glance, see if anyone needs a nudge, and take action with a single tap. If any courses are past their due date, Sana will let you know. So you spend less time monitoring compliance and more time optimizing it.

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More than a compliance management tool

Sana isn’t just for compliance. It’s the home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing.

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